Thursday, December 11, 2014

My normal day(?)

What do I do usually? What do my days consist of? Let's break this down:

My usual day consists of... NOTHING... I wake up at around 10am usually, get up at around 11am, go to my laptop, and sit there for rest of the day... That's it.. My social life is online, so it's not all bad to sit at my laptop... The bad thing is, I can't get myself up to do anything, and I end up sitting on pretty much the same spot for 12h a day, or even more...

I have to get that fixed somehow; one thing to do that would be if I find a study line I like and get motivation into. Then I had something to do during days, something that really would help me going forward. My life is empty, that's how it has been for over a year now... I have nothing to do, I have nothing to go forward with... For now... 

I know I have possibility to find that, it's just not gonna be easy. Now, I have more in my life than I did about half a year ago though, but still, I need help going forward, and I'm pleased I have got help already; my gf, my online friends, my family, they all are pushing me forward, trying to get me to do something during days. It's still hard for me to get anywhere, because my brain pushes me down; I just CAN'T get myself up to do anything at the moment...

Right now, I'm just waiting for christmas to come, get some time off my stress, although I still have to get through one book exam before christmas, which might be hard, but is possible. Even more than christmas, I wait for time after christmas, because we're going to get together with my GF. 

Getting forward, I know I can do it, but I also know that it's not gonna be easy. I'm still not fully out of depression, it still pushes me down from time to time, but I can get over it, I know I can; I've gone through worse!

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