Saturday, August 20, 2016

Just another update with very interesting title

So, I got moved. Me and my GF moved from Kouvola to Tampere to continue/start studies in University. My goal is to get started again, and hopefully I can achieve that. My motivation is still low, because I don't have passion over anything I could study about. Also financial stress doesn't help at all. But yeah, this was a big step again, and hopefully into good direction. Now that I've been living in Tampere for one week again, this city just keeps getting better for me. I just love this city. Nice places to walk and many places to see.

In other things, some of you might've noticed, I took a break from social media for a week or so during the move. I said that I was gonna vanish from SoMe completely under the nickname, and I already also made a new nickname, but finally decided to come back, because there's too much I'd lose doing that. I still did change nickname, but not entirely. The reason behind the decision was that I was getting too much hate just when my name was seen in chats. Also the fact that in some chat groups, every time I said something differing from "public opinion", I got 'attacked', or at least that's how it felt because everybody was on other opinion's side, and defended the guy I had differences with. In the end I get told how I'm childish, because someone purposefully tries to make me mad, and I get it personally. Just because of the fact that afterwards when I seem mad, they say it was all a joke. I don't take many things as joke, because bullying and calling names should never be a joke. The fact that I get called names, then I answer to them, and then I get called childish, is just bullshit. Everytime I say something, I say something wrong. So yeah, I just vanished for over a week or so in the end. There are some people who take their fun from agitating other people, so called trolls, who afterwards just safe their asses by saying it was all a joke. And then people, like me, who get agitated, are called names for being childish idiots.. Just for pure interest, how am I childish, and the trolls aren't? They are just 'comedians'. I have zero tolerance on trolls, because that's the stupidest thing a man can do in the internet. PERIOD.

Also happened: I visited Assembly Summer for a day, glad at least some people there were kind to me. I still spent time there alone, because I was mainly running between 3-4 different computer places, and I had no group that I really belonged in. Still, it was more fun that I thought it would be. There are still people who really are kind and want me in their lives. My next LAN party probably will be LanTrek '17, if not visiting Assembly Winter. I am waiting for it, because probably there aren't many places to see online friends otherwise before that. The LAN parties are the time that I feel like belonging to somewhere, even though I'm still a person in the back that just walks around and listens people's conversations, without making moves to jump in them. I hope that people would still accept me as I am, but not take me for granted. I won't be always there for you, if you're never there for me. I am overly friendly, but that can also change if people give me no reason to.

Picture from Pyynikki, Tampere