Monday, May 1, 2017

Grow up trolls!

Insulting others intentionally ISN'T trolling!
Trying to make others feel bad intentionally ISN'T trolling!

You can't go and hide behind trolling, when you intentionally hurt others. It's not trolling! You have to be one extra selfish person, to think it's ok to hurt others online any more than it is ok to hurt someone in real life. And the answer when you say about these stuff to these people is always the same: You can just block/unsub/unfollow, if someone hurts you online. Of course you can, but the harm is already done. When grown-up man is insulting people "just for laughs" it's just sad. You know, or at least you should know, that what you're doing is wrong, and you can't make it any better by saying after you hurt someone's feelings that it was just a troll/joke. And it's always the person getting insulted who is at fault for being too sensitive, right? NO!

Of course there will always be trolls online, and this ain't a place for everyone, BUT it doesn't mean you have to act like shit to people who don't take it as a joke. There ISN'T friendly banter between strangers, you have to remember, you can't say everything you say between friends to strangers. If you see someone hurt their feelings, you shouldn't keep going, because "ha ha ha, he hurt his feelings". It's the same thing offline too with bullies, they just put more gasoline to flames after someone hurt their feelings. It's not any more right online than it is offline. It's online bullying, not trolling.

"Internet is not for sensitive people", "You shouldn't be here if you can't take a joke", "You can just leave the conversation, you shouldn't try to clear the internet from trolls". Just a couple of comments I get every time I mention these things. The thing is, there's a difference between trolls and bullies. It's too bad some childish people don't understand that. And one who is insulting others on purpose should NEVER blame the recipient about it, it's not them who did wrong when they came to internet, it's you who are acting like shit. And because I know some people are now saying "stop trying to save the world", if trying to empty the world of bullying and stupid ignorant idiots is saving the world, I'm not gonna stop until some of you actually understand what you are doing, which of course will take someone killing themself before you understand that you actually are doing something wrong.

Grow up "trolls"!