Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm just a lazy piece of shit!

I know I'm being harsh on myself, but as the title says, that's how I think about myself right now... I have started blaiming myself on all this shit I've been through; again... I'm super-lazy by nature, and that's something I can't change, at least in my head. I've had 3 weeks to start emptying my current apartment for moving, but no, I've been able to do absolutely nothing, apart from emptying that one bookshelf, and even that not wholy.. My stress levels are getting high, because I know I will get shout at, if I do nothing, and also I fear that nothing will change when I need to get myself a job. I also can already see myself failing to start studies, because of my own level of laziness..

Laziness is reason behind all the shit I've been through: depression, loneliness, stress of no money. I can't blame depression for my laziness, because it is the other way round, and it will always be. Nothing will change, no matter what anyone says. I can't get myself to do anything, because I'm lazyass piece of shit. I've been thinking about how I was year or two ago, and yeah, right now I can say, I haven't really done progress. I can act like I have gone forward, but it's just an act. In my head, nothing have changed in my head, apart from emation-wise. I need a job, I need a step forward, I need something, but I can't make myself do anything to get it.

I have been happier than I was last year, that's because of my girlfriend, I'm happy I have someone to love, and someone who loves me, but unfortunately that's not enough. I need to get my personal life forward too, but all I do is get our life forward. That's all I can get myself to do, to make my girlfriend feel happy, or at least try to do that. My personal life is on downhill to hell, and it doesn't seem like it's stopping. I have no motivation to study, I have no motivation to get a job, I have no motivation to even clean my own apartment. All those things are mandatory for me right now, if I ever want to get any income. I'm not being depressed, I'm being lazy piece of shit. I want to help others as much as I can, I don't even care anymore about myself. Seeing happy people makes me happy, on the outside. Inside, there's sadness almost all the time. I'm professional in hiding it, after doing it for over 10 years. I can hide it from others, but I can't hide it from myself. If I could, it would be greatest thing ever.

I wrote this post while crying, while thinking how shitty I am to myself; while thinking of all the things I SHOULD be doing and SHOULD have done. Things I SHOULD but I COULDN'T and/or CAN'T. I can't count on others doing something magical to get me going, while I can't even get myself doing anything I need to do. I am too lazy, I am a lazyass piece of shit.

Big hugs to everyone, hope you all good!

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