Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This thing I call life

My life... let's say it straight, is not good at the moment. Main thing is the fact that I can't do anything with it. I am going through depression, and it's getting worse again. Even though I have a loving GF, and many friends online, I still am lonely most of the time, and also, I'm not doing anything atm. I know some of you will come and tell me to do something with it, but it's not that easy. Depression is a disease, I would like to get it out of my life, but it doesn't happen in a blink of an eye. One thing that doesn't help with my depression is amount of stress I'm getting, mainly because of economical issues. I have no income at the moment, because of waiting time on sickness benefit. I am on sick leave for 66 days, and there's waiting time of 55 days on sickness benefit. There's just no logic. How the hell do they think I can even have any power to try to fix all this shit I have to figure out to even get money for living? The amount of stress society gives me doesn't help me at all while I'm trying to cure my depression.

I have got told by people to get myself a job. If you have audacity to tell me that, you should at least find out some facts first. There's 10.3% unemployment rate in Finland as of March this year. On 15-24 year olds (the age group I'm in), the same figure is 27.7%. It's not that easy to find a job to do. I am happy for you if you have got yourself a job easily, but you have no need to come tell me to get a job. If I could, I would. Also, for further information, there's not many employers giving jobs to people on sick leave, and also depressed people aren't the easiest employees most of the time (not always). Also, for me personally, another big thing making getting a job difficult, is the fact that I have no degree, apart from graduating from high school. Even professionals can't find jobs these days, how do you think a person with no degrees would get them any easier?

You can come tell me I am lazy, and I won't even blame you for it. I am lazy from time to time, mostly because of depression, partly because of my nature. But the situation I'm in isn't caused by laziness. It's caused by series of things from the past, leading to the depression.

At this moment, I'll have big decisions to make, but I can't make any plans to anywhere, because I'm waiting for progression on all the shit I can't affect. I will move probably before summer, but at this point, I can't say 100% sure if I will move back to my parents' or closer to my GF. I will have year-off from studies, and therefore I also have to figure out where and how I will get an income. But for now, the main thing I have to think about, is getting my own situation to improve. It will improve at some point, I know that, I can make it happen, but it won't be easy, and it won't be quick.

Also, I have to use this (again) to thank all the people that have been there for me lately. There isn't many people talking to me, and every single word you say to me, helps me. I am happy for everyone who have come to talk to me, at least said "hi". Don't be afraid to come talk to me; if I don't feel like talking, I will tell it straight away. YOU people are my fuel. YOU are the reason why I'm still breathing.

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