Monday, March 2, 2015

Update (LANning and other)

LANning. Yeah, that's a word; or maybe not; I don't really care..

I thought of writing a post now, because haven't done one in a long time. Now, it's about a month from the end of Assembly Winter 2015 LAN party, I decided to visit a bit ex tempore. I went there for 2 days, to see friends, and to play games and watch e-sports. It also gave me a chance to see my gf, I hadn't seen for a month before that. We got to meet for few hours, but still better than nothing :). From Assembly itself, the most remembered part was to meet some friends I hadn't seen for long time, and just get some hugs and stuff from them. I hope to get to see people as often as possible, because of the fact that I depend on them pretty much. Without people, I wouldn't be here. Overall, Assembly was nice ex tempore trip to Helsinki.

Yesterday marked the end of another LAN Party I went to called LanTrek. It was in Tampere, and it was another way to see more friends. Before that there was a not-so-good happening; I was supposed to go get my girlfriend to Tampere from her place for the week, but the slush decided otherwise. Me and my loan-car ended up upside down in a ditch (picture below the text); I didn't hurt myself, but the car didn't move on. That made some plans more difficult, but that's life. My GF got to my place then by train on Monday, and we had the start of week for ourselves. On Thursday, LanTrek started, and the happening was overall great, although it had some "ungood" happenings on the way. Especially the night between saturday and sunday was "hilpeä" (hilarious), thanks to some friends. Bad thing about the LanTrek was the fact that I still have #PetoOnIrti (Finnish song by Antti Tuisku) stuck on my head, alongside with "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows". But well, overall the week was great, and I'd love to have another one like this as soon as possible. We'll see if I can get to Assembly Summer, and if there is any bigger happenings before that where I can get to. I have to thank everyone at the LanTrek and Assembly Winter, because you guys are the reason I am still here. Big hugs to all of you!

PS: Everyone of you I have ever met, or got to any friendship with; you are all important to me, and I can just hope I can be as important to any one of you. Stay strong, and if you need someone, feel free to message me! You people are awesome, no matter what anyone else says! Big hugs! Luv ya all!  ♥

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