Monday, July 27, 2015

'Worry' isn't a swear word

Worrying isn't bad thing. If somebody worries about you, it's nothing to be afraid of. You don't have to apologize for "making someone worry about you". People worry about you on their freewill, you aren't forcing them to do anything, and therefore you aren't doing anything wrong, so why should you apologize for it? Nobody would want to live in the world where no one is worried about others. Worrying = caring, and if someone cares about you, you should be happy about it, not trying to hide from it. Don't be afraid to tell something that makes you feel down to someone, because you think he/she would get "too worried". There's no such thing as "too worried". Everybody chooses themselves who and how much they worry and care.

If nobody would have been worried about me about a year ago, I wouldn't be here writing this blog. When people get worried about you, it just means they would want to help, if they can. Everybody chooses themselves how much they worry, you don't have to be afraid that you make someone feel down. If someone cares about you, and gets worried, it's their own choice, at least usually. Most of people can see themselves when there's too much sh*t to handle for them, and they can stop themselves for worrying too much. It's not your job to choose who cares and worries about you, and how much they do.

Update about my life: I just came back to my place from cottage, where I spent two weeks, with girlfriend, and first few days with couple of other friends. It was fun, but it's still good to be back "home". Right now my life is showing mostly the happy side, but I still can't get anything done, until the last minute. I am lazy, I can give everyone that. Whether I don't do anything because I'm depressed, or vice versa, I can't tell. I have move coming up, moving to Kouvola. This means I would need to get something to get money from for next year or so. Going to open job market, or going to professional rehab, I can't tell yet. Rehab part also isn't wholy my choice, I have to talk about it with KELA, and also go to figure out if I'm in "bad enough" situation to even get to rehab. Continuing studies is one choice, but for that, I won't get benefits for now. I haven't still decided whether or not I will sign up as attending student for next academic year or not, so I still have the choice to do that and then do distant studying from Kouvola in Tampere University. Whatever it is, my life's rollercoaster is clearly going upwards, but I know it can change quick, but I just hope it wont.

Also, I will be at Assembly Summer 2015 event in Helsinki this weekend, most probably I will go there on Saturday, but nothing is confirmed yet. I hope I can see some great friends again there, and have some fun.

To everyone, have great last weeks of summer vacation, and big hugs to everyone feeling down, it'll get better, I know that, and you know that!

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