Saturday, January 10, 2015

STOP Bullying


I might be little harsh on this post, because this is so close to my heart... DO NOT be offended by language or anything:

Ok, let's go straight to the point: Bullying is SHIT! Bullying causes depression, anxiety, and eventually can cause suicide. I've never could, and never will understand the motives of bullies: why you do it, why you make someone's life miserable, or at worse, make them kill themself? What is the reason behind this? When you bully someone, you leave eternal scars, even if it's not physical... Mental bullying, like calling names, discrimination, and all that stuff, are sometimes way worse than physical bullying... Sticks and stones may break my bones, and so on... You will never have any good reason to make someone wanting to end their life.. NEVER... Sometimes, bullying gets to the level, where kids tell other kids to kill themselves.. And sometimes, the bullied kid will grant that wish. And this happens in ages under 15...

Another thing I want to talk about, is intervening with bullying. I shouldn't generalize, but teachers don't do anything to stop bullying, pretty often. Always you hear and see everywhere on papers, and in schools, that there's zero tolerance of bullying, but still, when it happens, people are ignoring it, just shrugging their shoulders.. When some kid is told to kill themself by a class-mate, you cannot ignore it, you have to step in, but still, no, nothing happens... Maybe they get some reprimand, or detention, but what's that gonna help? You have to step in in bigger way, especially when it gets that bad... No one, I mean NO ONE should have to live with people telling them to kill themselves, but still, it's usually the bullied who has to change school, have to move, because of that, and their self-esteem is so low, that they will be alone in new place also... Teachers have the power in school to step in, but they choose not to do it, and just sit and drink their coffee, and then say "we have no time" and "kids are kids" and "they can handle it by themselves". THEY CAN'T. Kids, especially young ones, CAN'T handle it by themselves, it will only get worse day by day, if you think like that...

Also, big part in this, comes from family, parents. I have been in situation, where bully's parents don't believe when teacher, or even headmaster, comes to tell them that their kid has bullied someone.. "No our little *add name here* wouldn't do that".. Yes he/she would, why would teacher tell you a lie for fuck's sake.. The bullying usually comes from home, bad relation in family, parents that doesn't care what their kids do, and stuff like that. Parents can prevent bullying, by talking to their kids, being with them, and doing stuff with them.

I can say from experience, bullying gives marks, that will never go away... I was bullied for 10 years in school (from 1st grade to 1st year of high school), pretty much daily, and now I have had depression for 11 years.. I know bullying can't be stopped wholy, that will never happen, BUT that doesn't mean you can't decrease it. But that won't happen if teachers and parents don't intervene. If you leave it to kids themselves to make peace and stop, it will NEVER happen. How many young-age suicides we need to see, before you adults can see it? Bullying isn't playing, but adults seem to see it like that: "They are just being kids" or "it's part of childhood"... It shouldn't be! No one should be bullied, and no one should bully.

Also, not leaving out the otherside, which is the bullies. They often have problems of their own, which show up by bullying others. You also have to remember, to ask them why they do it, and try to help them. Bad life leads to bullying.

If YOU, who are reading this text, are a bully, go apologize the people who you have bullied, and if you bully because you have your own problems, go seek help. If YOU are bullied, stay strong, and don't let yourself be kicked down totally, keep your friends close, we all have some. And if you are getting depressed, go seek for help as soon as possible. Earlier you go for help, earlier you will get it, and earlier you will get out of depression. I had depression for 10 years before I went for help. Don't do the same mistake.


I throw the ball to adults, parents and teachers! YOU have the power to decrease it, or even stop it! USE your time!

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